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I was born September 23rd, 1951 in Lake Charles, Louisiana, but I grew up in Sulphur, Louisiana, playing in the deep woods most of my childhood. After graduating from Sulphur High, I went to USL in Lafayette, Louisiana and majored in ‘Fine Arts’ with a concentration in ‘Painting’ and ‘Photography’. I was there from 1970-1975. In 1972 I had a painting named “Swamp” that was accepted in the ‘Southern Regional Show.’ At that time I was very proud of that accomplishment since that particular show was highly judged and very hard to get into. I married in 1975 and had two children. Having to make a living, the hard way (being a starving artist), I had to find ways to simply get the bills paid and support my family. So I stopped painting and doing art. I started off working at ‘Bell’s Sporting Goods’ selling shoes and sporting equipment, then I worked at the ‘Port of Iberia’ for 17 months as a sandblaster and spray painter. From then on I worked as a commercial/house painter and sheetrock finisher for over thirty years. I retired early at the age of 60 since my knees got bad. But my early retirement turned out to be a blessing, because after a 30 year hiatus, from the advice of my son, I started painting again. My son had been trying to get me to start painting again since he was a child, I was glad to show him that I could still do it, and as a matter of fact, I have painted much better works by far than the paintings I painted in college, even after 30 years of not painting at all. I did physical work for 30 years, but that must have given my mind a chance to collect and gather art through visions and experience over that time—my mind was free to roam while my hands were busy. I didn’t start out painting at first right away though. To get back into the groove, I started out doing digital art on the computer. With that type of format anything is possible and easy to construct almost effortlessly. I also started taking photographs again. I realized over time that I could transform my digital art and photographs into paintings, and that paintings would sell better and be more respectable, since the art of painting is more difficult. So after 30 years, I started painting better than ever. I then joined the ‘Lafayette Art Association’ to get to know other local artists. I had my photos and paintings displayed at the ‘Heyman Center’, downtown Lafayette, at the ‘Lafayette Art Association’, and other local spots such as downtown New Iberia. I then moved back to Lake Charles to help care for my 98 year old Dad. I am now a member of the ‘Gallery’ by the lake in Lake Charles, and have had many of my paintings displayed there, plus at many local Iberia banks in the Lake Charles area. The main theme of my paintings are of a vanishing Cajun culture, while showing areas where Cajun culture still lives. I have also done what some refer to as ‘psychedelic art’. I also do landscapes and am working on portraits. I often pump out a painting a week.

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